Who Are We

We are an Argentine family business, operating since 1970 in the national and international beef market. At Catter Meat S.A, together with more than 500 collaborators, we provide solutions to our clients, with the highest quality standards and international certifications.

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Our History

Most loved beef from South America

Catter Meat S.A. as it is known, is a beef industry located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since its founding, Catter Meat S.A has stood out for the quality of its products and its commitment to excellence and sustainability.

With a processing capacity of up to 800 animals per day, Catter Meat S.A. is one of the largest beef processing industries in the country. On top of that, the company has strict quality control that guarantees food safety and animal welfare. .

Catter Meat S.A has a world-class processing plant, with cutting-edge technology equipment and highly qualified professionals, which allows for total control of the process and ensures that all the meat is processed meeting the highest quality requirements.

Sustainable Livestock

The quality of our meat starts in the pastures. The herds must be fed on natural pastures, quality genetics, good management and sanitary treatment are paramount for the selection of our suppliers.  Care for the environment extends to areas where livestock are reared, compliance with environmental legislation applied to these areas is a requirement of utmost importance to guarantee a balance between production and nature.

At Catter Meat S.A., the operating premise of the environmental management sector seeks, in addition to understanding compliance with legal issues, to meet the principles of sustainability and promotion of a quality environment. 


Furthermore, Catter Meat S.A is committed to treating its animals with respect and dignity throughout the whole process, ensuring that the animals are properly treated, respected, and given proper care. .
In line with ethical and legislative principles and our customers' requirements, practices are applied to implement and maintain procedures to ensure continuous improvement in all stages of management, always seeking adaptations that prioritize meeting the five freedoms inherent to animals.